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Chubby Crow Records Inc.

Chubby what? We formed our company, Chubby Crow Records Inc., to act as our record label and publishing company. You'll find the Columbia: We Dare to Dream project, as well as all of our future projects, released under this label.

It also happens that Anne has always had a soft spot in her heart for crows. Come to think of it, I don't think there are any birds she doesn't care for. We even once took care of a crow that had fallen from it's nest until it learned to fly. Did you know that an immature crow has blue eyes until they are able to go it on their own? It was news to us. They are also quite fond of dog food, should anyone ask you.

a little bit about us

  • about Anne Cabrera

    Anne started her music training at age three, sitting on the piano bench next to her mother who had been a professional pianist and singer herself in New York City. While continuing to learn her way around the keyboard, Anne also later learned to play flute and piccolo. However, it was when she began studying the concert harp that Anne found her career.

    It was around this time that Anne received first her Bachelor of Music degree, and subsequently her Master of Arts degree in performance from California State University at Long Beach (an excellent place to study, in case you're wondering).

    For more than twenty years, Anne was seen toting her harp to gigs from symphony orchestra concerts and civic light operas, to elegant restaurants and weddings, and to everything in between. Though her earliest composition was written by her at the ripe old age of eight, it was when she rediscovered her love for the keyboard that music composition finally took its place as her primary occupation.

  • about Bill Cabrera

    Bill started with clarinet in elementary school, but by high school it was guitar that had him hooked. Several years later, Bill transitioned from electric to classical guitar.

    Long before picking up the clarinet though, Bill had been drawing and sketching, which is probably why his time at the university resulted in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting (also from CSU Long Beach) instead of a music degree.

    Now the circle has closed again, and it's music, music, music. Well, OK: music, computers, XHTML. Bill takes care of recording Anne's compositions as she performs them, tries to keep the studio equipment from misbehaving, records his own sound experiments, and is to blame for the slow pace of our website updates.

  • oh, and about us

    Yes, Bill and Anne are a husband and wife team, but aren't yet sure whether they can recommend trying such an undertaking as this one to the faint of heart.

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