Hangar Doors (Rollout)

(liner notes for track 1)

There must be a day, I imagine,
when a great ship is finally
born to the world…
a day unlike all the others.

The sound of horns is in the air,
calling all the people…

and they come from near and far,
excitedly, with such anticipation,
for they have worked
and dreamed of this day
for so long.

A sudden hush
the moment comes…
and the great hangar doors begin to open,
slowly, slowly,
hundreds of feet of steel
and gears heaving and groaning…
no person moves, no one can breathe
at the sound of those great doors
slowly, slowly,
opening, and…
look!  there she is!

The crawler-platform rumbles into view
carrying the great lady-ship atop;
pristine and glistening she is,
even in the shadow of the doors.
Slowly, slowly,
ever so slowly,
now almost out of the doorway…
and suddenly, with a piercing flash,
the first rays of sunlight
glance the top of the great lady-ship,
blinding everyone for an instant
with her brilliance!

A cheer goes up!  Hands clap, some tears…
the moment is pure magic.
This shining bird of flight,
an engineering masterpiece of all times,
just emerged
from behind those hangar doors,
now standing proudly,
gleaming with the work and sweat and vision of thousands.

And as the crawler-platform continues to roll
slowly, slowly,
out to the launch pad
carrying the great lady-ship atop,
all of the people who have dreamed of this day,
all of them there still standing in awe,
silently think
the same collective thought–

“I just want to see her fly!”

copyright 2008 Anne Cabrera

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