(liner notes for track 6)

He is the son
who puts his anger aside
and bravely chooses to wear a flight suit
just like his father wore.
She is the daughter
who helps her mother to cope
whenever they think of
the wedding ring
that was never found
in all the fields of Texas.

They are the husbands and wives
and mothers and fathers
and siblings, relatives and friends
who lost their most cherished one,
the colleagues and bosses
who lost a part of their soul,
yet they believe more than ever
that the explorations of the heavens
must still go on.

They are the thousands of good people,
those humble volunteers
who searched in the fields for the fallen
for cold rainy weeks on end,
the ones who still gather each year
to honor
those that were lost
and the human spirit.

So, who are they really?
Who are the heroes?

They pick themselves up
in the lowest of times,
from out of the rubble,
and they vow
to not simply muddle through
each remaining day of their lives,
but instead to soar
nobly, in tribute,
just as the heroes before them did soar.

That is their essence.
Those are the heroes.

copyright 2008 Anne Cabrera

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