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And The Winner Is…

Do you pay attention to the Grammy Awards? I must confess: I don’t, not especially. Sure it’s fun to watch the yearly fashion show, and see the lights and glitter and lip-syncing played out… and we chuckle at all the winners’ babble, and then laugh at the commentary about the babble, and then at the commentary about all the commentary! But, when it comes down to it, frankly, most of the time I’m left with the feeling of where’s the music? Where’s the real music?

Vocabulary Words

I was pretty young at the time, in elementary school. And I remember we had these weekly vocabulary tests…ugh, not my favorite thing. The teacher would give us a new list of words each week, and we had to learn the spelling of each word as well as the definition. The most uncomfortable thing about the tests, by far, was that we couldn’t resort to just regurgitating the definition of each word and be done with it. (No way, life had to be harder than that… even in elementary school!)