(lin­er notes for track 6)

He is the son
who puts his anger aside
and brave­ly choos­es to wear a flight suit
just like his father wore.
She is the daugh­ter
who helps her moth­er to cope
when­ev­er they think of
the wed­ding ring
that was nev­er found
in all the fields of Texas.

They are the hus­bands and wives
and moth­ers and fathers
and sib­lings, rel­a­tives and friends
who lost their most cher­ished one,
the col­leagues and boss­es
who lost a part of their soul,
yet they believe more than ever
that the explo­rations of the heav­ens
must still go on.

They are the thou­sands of good peo­ple,
those hum­ble vol­un­teers
who searched in the fields for the fall­en
for cold rainy weeks on end,
the ones who still gath­er each year
to hon­or
those that were lost
and the human spir­it.

So, who are they real­ly?
Who are the heroes?

They pick them­selves up
in the low­est of times,
from out of the rub­ble,
and they vow
to not sim­ply mud­dle through
each remain­ing day of their lives,
but instead to soar
nobly, in trib­ute,
just as the heroes before them did soar.

That is their essence.
Those are the heroes.

copy­right 2008 Anne Cabr­era

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