Kind Words From Listeners

Here’s a sampling of some very kind words that listeners have written to me about “Columbia: We Dare to Dream”. I treasure every single one of the notes like this that I get! Thank you so much!

masterfully done and meaningful

We are much impressed by the sensitivity and appropriateness of the musical composition and performance. The material contained in the booklet that accompanies the compact disk is masterfully done and meaningful in context. Needless to say we very much enjoyed the material.

Bill F.

music to be treasured and shared

The spell-binding music of Anne Cabrera bears testimony not only to the endless and unknowable realm of space but also to the magnificent human endeavor to discover that realm. At times humorous and playful, at times mystical and mysterious, majestic and mournful, Anne’s music cannot help but move those who truly listen to it. She has poured her heart into every track and her technically brilliant compositions shimmer with energy, love, and an infinite admiration for the heroes of the space endeavor. It is a collection of music to be treasured and shared with all those who wish to experience space through sound.

Sabrina Moser

a great tribute

Although inspired by a sad event, your music is a great tribute to the Columbia crew and to the importance of what they were doing. The movement of humanity into space will be a great centuries long struggle and will involve many tragedies as well as triumphs. It’s crucial that the stories of these events be remembered and retold and that the heroics of brave spacefarers never be left unsung.

Clark Lindsey

all that beautiful music should be

From the opening majesty of “Hangar Doors”, on through the clever insight of “Payload” and “Microgravity” and the Indian-flavored tribute and hope of “Kalpana”, the stark realization of “We Remember”, and the deep respect and reverence of “Heroes” — by the time I reached the powerful love of “Immortal”, my heart was laid bare.

Thank you for this wonderful sharing of your soul. It is all that beautiful music should be.

Bobby D'

evocative and inspirational

I love your album for the Crew and their family members.  Each portion is very vivid, evocative and inspirational.  I have truly been enjoying listening to it.  Thank you for this amazing composition.


magnificence of our space program

I had a lot of hours out there on the road to think and to listen. One of the best things I listened to was your music. I thought it was wonderful and captured so well the magnificence of our space program and the men and women who keep it going.

Homer Hickam

highly recommended

I HIGHLY (get it astronaut fans… highly!?) recommend this young woman’s work. Do it!!!!

Clayton Anderson
NASA astronaut

touched my heart

This morning I finally had time to sit down and listen to Microgravity from beginning to end, and I hardly have words to express my feelings.  What a magnificent piece you have created.  It moved me, brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart.  The music and booklet together create a wonderful, magical and beautiful experience.


simply stunning!

The music and the video were simply stunning! I love how the pictures flow with the music. Really nice!


written from the heart

You owe it to yourself to get this CD. It is phenomenal! Written from the heart and played with passion, Anne poured every ounce of her being into this.

Bill Judge
documentary film maker

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