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A Gem of a Picture

It is always amazing to me how every individual brings their own unique sparkle to the experience of music. I mean, you can sit down thirty people in a room, give each of them a sheet of paper and a box of crayons, put on some music for them to hear, and say “Listen closely, and draw what it sounds like…”…. And despite the fact that all hear the exact same music in the same room at the same time, and all have the same colors of crayons, each person comes up with a totally different and precious gem of a picture! Now, isn’t that kind of remarkable?

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It’s been a year,
or two, or more it seems,
and you’re missing them,
those heroes in your life
who are now gone from your life…
missing them, again,
especially one,
one who shined so brightly,
one who was so very close.

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