Columbia: We Dare to Dream

NASA space shuttle Columbia STS-107 was lost on reentry in February of 2003. Composer and performer Anne Cabrera felt immediately compelled to pay tribute to the shuttle’s crew in the most heartfelt way that she knew: through music.

cover of the album "Columbia: We Dare to Dream"

cover of the album “Columbia: We Dare to Dream”

Through this audio CD, Anne both mourns and celebrates those lost astronauts. Her celebration extends to the countless individuals who spend their days and nights working to turn the dreams of space exploration and humanitarian science into realities. It’s also for those supportive NASA families who, despite their understandable fears, continue to stand behind their astronauts.

This album presents more than one hour of music. The included full-color 24-page booklet is filled with Anne’s poetry and prose, written to lend some insight into each of these instrumental pieces. It’s accented with images from NASA’s archives.

All tracks were composed by Anne, and all parts were performed by her on synthesizer. Sometimes she’s emulating traditional orchestral instruments, and at other times producing those unusual sounds and textures more commonly associated with the synthesizer.

Though the album follows the highs and (sadly and unavoidably) the lows of the Columbia mission, its larger aim is to revere the depth of the human spirit, and the willingness of some to risk all for the chance to bring benefit to the rest of us.