Kind Words From Listeners

Here’s a sam­pling of some very kind words that lis­ten­ers have writ­ten to me about “Colum­bia: We Dare to Dream”. I trea­sure every sin­gle one of the notes like this that I get! Thank you so much!

a great tribute

Although inspired by a sad event, your music is a great trib­ute to the Colum­bia crew and to the impor­tance of what they were doing. The move­ment of human­i­ty into space will be a great cen­turies long strug­gle and will involve many tragedies as well as tri­umphs. It’s cru­cial that the sto­ries of these events be remem­bered and retold and that the hero­ics of brave space­far­ers nev­er be left unsung.

Clark Lind­sey

masterfully done and meaningful

We are much impressed by the sen­si­tiv­i­ty and appro­pri­ate­ness of the musi­cal com­po­si­tion and per­for­mance. The mate­r­i­al con­tained in the book­let that accom­pa­nies the com­pact disk is mas­ter­ful­ly done and mean­ing­ful in con­text. Need­less to say we very much enjoyed the mate­r­i­al.

Bill F.

all that beautiful music should be

From the open­ing majesty of “Hangar Doors”, on through the clever insight of “Pay­load” and “Micro­grav­i­ty” and the Indi­an-fla­vored trib­ute and hope of “Kalpana”, the stark real­iza­tion of “We Remem­ber”, and the deep respect and rev­er­ence of “Heroes” — by the time I reached the pow­er­ful love of “Immor­tal”, my heart was laid bare.

Thank you for this won­der­ful shar­ing of your soul. It is all that beau­ti­ful music should be.

Bob­by D’

magnificence of our space program

I had a lot of hours out there on the road to think and to lis­ten. One of the best things I lis­tened to was your music. I thought it was won­der­ful and cap­tured so well the mag­nif­i­cence of our space pro­gram and the men and women who keep it going.

Homer Hick­am

simply stunning!

The music and the video were sim­ply stun­ning! I love how the pic­tures flow with the music. Real­ly nice!


music to be treasured and shared

The spell-bind­ing music of Anne Cabr­era bears tes­ti­mo­ny not only to the end­less and unknow­able realm of space but also to the mag­nif­i­cent human endeav­or to dis­cov­er that realm. At times humor­ous and play­ful, at times mys­ti­cal and mys­te­ri­ous, majes­tic and mourn­ful, Anne’s music can­not help but move those who tru­ly lis­ten to it. She has poured her heart into every track and her tech­ni­cal­ly bril­liant com­po­si­tions shim­mer with ener­gy, love, and an infi­nite admi­ra­tion for the heroes of the space endeav­or. It is a col­lec­tion of music to be trea­sured and shared with all those who wish to expe­ri­ence space through sound.

Sab­ri­na Moser

touched my heart

This morn­ing I final­ly had time to sit down and lis­ten to Micro­grav­i­ty from begin­ning to end, and I hard­ly have words to express my feel­ings.  What a mag­nif­i­cent piece you have cre­at­ed.  It moved me, brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart.  The music and book­let togeth­er cre­ate a won­der­ful, mag­i­cal and beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ence.


written from the heart

You owe it to your­self to get this CD. It is phe­nom­e­nal! Writ­ten from the heart and played with pas­sion, Anne poured every ounce of her being into this.

Bill Judge
doc­u­men­tary film mak­er

highly recommended

I HIGHLY (get it astro­naut fans… high­ly!?) rec­om­mend this young wom­an’s work. Do it!!!!

Clay­ton Ander­son
NASA astro­naut

evocative and inspirational

I love your album for the Crew and their fam­i­ly mem­bers.  Each por­tion is very vivid, evoca­tive and inspi­ra­tional.  I have tru­ly been enjoy­ing lis­ten­ing to it.  Thank you for this amaz­ing com­po­si­tion.